Wednesday, May 21, 2014

“Can I take your picture?”
“Sure, we’re not big on privacy, we’re kind of sitting on a roof.”
“What is your favorite thing about the person sitting next to you?”
“Do I get to choose which person?”
“Haha, this is awesome!”
“Well, Kelly, my favorite thing is that she’s a free spirit.”
“Oh that’s so generic”
“No but she really is. She don’t give no shits”
“My favorite thing about Alisa is that she’s always so happy and she’s always in such a wonderful mood and always puts everyone else in a wonderful mood.”
“My favorite thing about Ronald here, is that he could care less about what everyone else wants him to do to be happy…”
“He couldn’t care less…”
“Right, he couldn’t… he physically tried and can’t… he can’t.”
“It’s true!”
“The thing I love most about Jacob here is that he can do anything...anything he sets his mind to. It’s fucking incredible.”
“Thanks dude.”
“And he has a great beard!”

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