Wednesday, May 21, 2014

“Can I take your picture?”
“What for?”
“I’m doing this project called ‘Humans of Grand Rapids’ where I photograph strangers on the street and ask them a random question.”
“Well, you can certainly ask me a question.”
“That wouldn’t really work without a picture too though.”
“Hmm, ask me the question first.”

“If younger you visited current you, from the past, what would he say about you now?”
“Start taking karate and yoga earlier… I wanted to make sure your question wasn’t going to be dumb before I let you take my picture...Wait what would I say to younger me or what would younger me say to me?”
“What would young you say?”
“Shit that’s a good question…”
“Do you think they’d be satisfied or disappointed or?”
“The younger version would say, I’m glad you’ve changed from what you were to what you are now.”

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