Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Humans of Grand Rapids

“Oh you’re recording right now? That’s not fair. I mean I have freedom of speech and everything, but freedom can be taken away from people when they aren’t asked to be recorded.” “Is it ok if I record you?” “I don’t know, is it?” “I just use the recording to transcribe, I don’t post the audio.” “Ok as long as you don’t use my voice.” “So, what are your thoughts on freedom, since you brought it up?” “Freedom should be free.” “Do you feel like it is, or isn’t free?” “The State, shouldn’t be a police state, it should be a free democracy. But, that can get kinda dicey… like if we didn’t have cops, we’d have a lot of problems…” “Do you feel like maybe because we have cops we do have other problems?” “Yeah that too. Sometimes they give bullies badges… it’s like, who’s really calling the shots copper?”

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